Harlakenden Account Book (ERO Temp.Acc.897)

10.12.1631 (Monday 10 December 1631)

document 23300416

memo Rich Harlakenden and Wm Brand 10.12.1631 I have promised Wm Brand and bargained with him if that I do go away from mine own house that he shall have the Great Field and all that corn sown in it and the tilth of the other land not sown until michaelmas come twelvemonth upon condition that he payeth me 60li for it 40li at our lady day next unto my brother Nevill and the other 20li I must set of on what I owe him and he must give 20s over and above he is also tied to spend all the straw for dung in my yard I allowing of him one of my barns for the laying it in I promise him also to let him have my horse to plough it for him this year only which I am to have the chaff that ariseth of the corn for my carthorses or as much as I need the next year after michaelmas he must plough it himself I stand no further charged and he promiseth me the straw at an indifferent price if I have need of it before any other