Harlakenden Account Book (ERO Temp.Acc.897)

10.9.1631 (Saturday 10 September 1631)

document 23300447

Rich Harlakenden Thos Halls the whole rent is 28li10s10.9.1631 memo that I have letten unto Thos Halls 76a of the park land that lieth next him this 10.12.1631 (sic) at 7s6d the acre the rent of which he is to pay quarterly namely at christide our lady day midsummer and michaelmas and if it shall please god that my mother die or whenever she do die the last quarters rent he is to pay over to me for my brother Roger uses or else by my appointment to pay over to him and then I promise that he paying his rent at the times due that I will secure him from any molestation or trouble until that quarter is out that my mother dieth in and so until the next michaelmas following and further I do promise him that if he shall be at any cost or charges upon the land that I will be a means to my brother to let him enjoy it until he hath had the profit of it he paying his rent well to him or else to give him for his cost upon the land what two honest men shall judge it worth he is to pay all the town charges and to have it tithe free of me Jn Clarke Robt Crow