Colne Priory Manor: Fine Book (ERO D/DPr100)

1627 (1627)

document 23601752

1627 Jn Lucas and Mary his wife they were admitted to a garden called Judges and to a garden called Pruds and to a tenement and messuage where mr Cosin dwelleth and to a garden and tenement and well called Mathues and to a tenement called Flamangs and a garden called Grapwells and to a piece of pasture called Thredgolls Fenn containing 4a and to 2a1r of meadow in Kemborne and to a pasture called Newmans and this is to them and the eldest daughter Mary but she is not admitted and there was a fine due before and this is worth I guess 25li per annum and they paid for their fine but not for their daughter 50li