Colne Priory Manor: Fine Book (ERO D/DPr100A)

1733 (1733)

document 23902703

Jn Osborn 1733 admitted on surrender and will of his father Edm deceased to 5r of land formerly part of a croft containing 6a and a half next Wellfield to a croft containing 3a and a half to an aldercarr 2a formerly parcel of Oxen Fenn Bushett Croft 2a a piece of land next Colne Park to a piece formerly a lane Broomfields 11a Oxen Fenn 4a Homefield 4a a capital messuage with a pond and yard to the same belonging and to part of an orchard abutting on a piece of land called Blakes except the hall and kitchen parcel of the said messuage to a tenement adjoining being the said hall and kitchen two parcels of land containing 4a three crofts of land containing together 12a formerly Hutt's land 36li15s