Colne Priory Accounts (ERO D/DPr65)

michaelmas.4Edw6 (Monday 29 September 1550)

document 45900622

in the account of the bailiff of Colne sum of the aforesaid receipts with arrears 20li19s4d and from which he is excused here of 7li2s4d because they were levied upon the said reckonings made in his account by the office of the bailiff of Colne Priory as shown there and owed 13li17s whereof in addition the rectory of Aldehame for a certain portion of the tithe in Aldeham in Essex in arrears for 31Hen8 as his arrears unpaid 10s Jn Estey late bailiff there as his arrears owed in 34Hen8 35Hen8 and 36Hen8 in arrears and to this time unpaid 13li7s the accountant himself this year as his arrears 2li