Colne Priory Extracts (ERO D/DPr52)

10.6.1555 (Monday 10 June 1555)

document 47000137

and pain the bailiff to warn Jn Brewer to scour 12rod of ditch between Mooreland and Debnams Lane Wm Wade 4rod against a tenement called Sevenacres Nich Parker 6rod against the kings highway leading to Cokshall     Kettyll widow 20rod under a grove of the lord on the way to Coggeshall aforesaid Rich Sydaye 6rod against Borowghes Lane Ann Orvys widow 2rod against the aforesaid way Wm Wade junior 6rod against the land of Jn Cutler called Bomeffyld and 10rod under Gosses Jn Lumkyn 40rod against Oxleye Croft and Jn Strutte 12rod against the kings highway leading to Coggeshall before the next view on pain for every rod not scoured to forfeit to the lord 2d