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Earls Colne Accounts (ERO D/DPr122)

29.9.1431 (Saturday 29 September 1431)

document 47801393

capons and of eleven as the customary rent to the lord for the year at the feast of easter whereof as the rent of Jn Turnor two as the rent of illegible text three as the rent of Jn Proknot one as the rent of Amice Brook one as the rent of Nich Atte Park two as the rent sometime of Rich Chaltenhay one and one capon lately received of Robt Mathu smith for the farm of 6a2r of enclosed land called Berecroft as let to him by the aforesaid earl for the lifetime of the late earl of Oxford at the feast of easter nothing here because in the hands of the lord and granted to Jn Turnour and his heirs for 2s as an increase in rent and bond chevage nothing this year