Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr21)

16.9.1607 (Wednesday 16 September 1607)

document 33200147

at this court the lord granted and gave licence to Sam Brewer to demise and let to farm all his customary lands and tenements held of this manor by copy of court roll called Debenhams to whatever person or persons should please him for the term of twenty one years from the feast of michaelmas now next following and fully completely for the whole time saving to the lord and his heirs the lords of this manor during the aforesaid term all rents and services and customs by right thereunto belonging and by right accustomed according to the custom of the said manor and the lord further assigned and granted to the same said Sam licence to cut down and fell upon the aforesaid lands four oaks for timbers (in english) four upright timber trees of oak and six oak bollingers for timbering to be made thereof within one year now next following to be cut and felled for building a certain house upon the aforesaid lands and the aforesaid Sam gave to the lord a fine for such licence as is shown in the margin