Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr21 together with rough copy of rolls D/DPr38)

20.10.1625 (Thursday 20 October 1625)

document 33900853

it was also shown by the homage that Jn Potter of Brambles who lately held for himself and his heirs by copy of a court roll according to the custom of the aforesaid manor one grove of wood called Little Redinge lying in White Colne with underwood and the brush growing in the same said grove as by copy of a roll of court here held monday being 12.12.1586 it was clearly shown he died before this court and after the last court and before his death he surrendered into the hands of the lord according to the custom of the aforesaid manor the aforesaid premises with dwelling house now built thereon to the use and behoof and intention in his last will or testament specified as similarly by a roll of court here held 27.5.1624 it is clearly shown and that Jn Potter is his son and next heir thereof upon which now to this court came the aforesaid Jn Potter the son in person and gave to the steward and aforesaid homage intelligence and information that the aforesaid Jn Potter his father made his testament in writing and that by the same said testament he gave the aforesaid premises with appurtenances to the aforesaid Jn the son upon condition and in such manner and form as is set out in the said testament and furthermore he stated that he could not now show the aforesaid testament in court as he should because it was in the custody of master Aylett doctor of law but this notwithstanding he humbly sought admission for himself now to be made according to the aforesaid testament which had been made and that furthermore the aforesaid Jn made to the lord his fine for such an entry and fealty etc and he promised to bring the aforesaid testament to the next court to be held here therefore the steward was instructed to make and full and complete entry thereof according to the aforesaid testament