Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr22)

17.2.1631 (Thursday 17 February 1631)

document 34101085

item at this court it was ordered by the homage of the court both by the agreement of the lord of the aforesaid manor and of the aforesaid Edw Allyston Edw Fynch and Moses Fynch that the aforesaid Edw Allyston his heirs and assigns should pay for the aforesaid piece of land parcel of Mellfield with appurtenances thus from their profits to the lord of the aforesaid manor and his heirs 2s3d and that the aforesaid Edw Fynch and Moses Finch and the heirs and assigns of the aforesaid Moses should pay to the lord of this manor and his heirs for the other part of the aforesaid field called Mellfield thus from their profits 18d per annum to be paid at the usual feasts for the payment within the aforesaid manor