Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr23)

2.11.1653 (Wednesday 2 November 1653)

document 34900333

at this court Guy Pennocke one of the sons of Jas Pennocke deceased in consideration of a certain sum of money to him paid by Geo Cressner gentleman did in full and open court by the licence of the lord of the said manor release remise and quitclaim for him and his heirs to the said Geo Cressner in his full seisin and admission being and to his heirs forever all his right title interest claim condition possibility and demand whatsoever which he now hath or can or may at any time hereafter have of in and unto one customary messuage or tenement and lands late of the said Jas Pennocke called Chippin or otherwise held of the said manor and of in and unto all and every other the lands tenements and hereditaments whatsoever late of the said Jas Pennocke and held of the said manor by copy of court roll so that the said Guy and his heirs shall be forever hereafter barred and excluded of and from having or claiming the said messuage and premises or any part thereof or any right title or demand of in and unto the same and for the said licence the said Geo gave to the lord for a fine
a release to Geo Cressner