Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr24)

20.3.1683 (Tuesday 20 March 1683)

document 35800512

at this court Math Elliston senior customary tenant of the manor surrendered into the hands of the lord by the hands of Jn Eldred esq steward of the manor all that customary messuage or cottage and 20a of land more or less with appurtenances called Sandhills and two gardens and two crofts of land customary containing 6a called Wrongs and certain customary lands called Coggesgrove containing by estimation 2a more or less and also a parcel of customary land called Priestlands situate in Earls Colne and all customary lands tenements and hereditaments of the said Math Elliston held of the manor aforesaid to the use of Thos Barrington of Bumpstead Essex esq Jn Cox of Coggeshall esq Judith Willsby widow and relict of Jn Willsby late of Grays Inn in the county of Middx esq their heirs and assigns forever in and upon certain conditions shown in one indenture made between the said Math Elliston senior of the one part and the said Thos Barrington Jn Cox and Judith Willsby of the other part and upon this the said Thos Barrington Jn Cox and Judith Willsby by Jn Barnard their attorney and deputy humbly petitioned admittance to whom by the steward there is seisin delivered etc to have and to hold the messuage or cottage etc to the said Thos Barrington Jn Cox and Judith Willsby their heirs and assigns as shown in the indenture aforesaid of the lord etc and the fine of 50li was respited