Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr24)

20.3.1684 (Thursday 20 March 1684)

document 35800810

whereas at a court here held 4.11.1657 Ralph Josselin clerk was admitted to him and his heirs to two parts into five parts divided of a certain parcel of customary land lying at the west of Brokehole once Jn Bird's and also to a croft of land called White Croft and also another parcel of land called Beanefield Wellfield and Bamble and a certain croft of land called Murdons Croft and another croft called Murdons and a garden called Murdons and another garden called Buggs Garden and another parcel of pasture enclosed in two pieces upon part of which a tile kiln was lately standing and also to a parcel of land with garden or grove adjoining called Sturpits and a certain tenement with garden adjoining called Doddingpole Hoe and also to a tenement called Wanstaves and another croft of land called Howletts and another croft of land with an aldercarr called Smiths and another croft once Jn Sexton's and another tenement once Rich Hoe's and a pasture of Le Hoe once Jn Wallis and also a garden called Hegges Garden with a way lying between the lands late of the Earl of Oxford called Bridgemans and a croft of land called Taynter Croft and also half a croft of land called Tredgolds alias Glasiers which premises late belonged to Rich Nevill gentleman and after the said Ralph was admitted to the other parts of the premises now at this court it appeared to the homage that the said Ralph on 23.3.last surrendered into the hands of the lord by the hands of Jn Ludgatter instead of the bailiff in the presence of Robt Potter and Sam Finch two customary tenants etc all his customary lands held of this manor to the uses mentioned in his last will etc and also it appeared that the said Ralph died after upon which came here to court Edw Day who took to wife Mary Josselin daughter of the said Ralph and showed to the court the will of the said Ralph made and dated 1.6.last the tenor concerning the premises in the words following item I give unto my daughter mrs Mary Josselin the wife of mr Edw Day etc as shown in the said will and the said Mary Day humbly petitioned admittance to the customary lands devised by the said last will called Upper Coes parcel of the premises aforesaid which Ralph was admitted to at the aforesaid court held 4.11.1657 and the steward delivered seisin etc to have and to hold the said premises to the said Mary Day her heirs and assigns etc and she gave the lord for fine etc
fine 16li paid