Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr26)

9.4.1725 (Friday 9 April 1725)

document 36400479

at a court held 9.4.1724 it appeared with the agreement of the steward that Robt Harris on 9.4.1723 surrendered all that customary land called Thredgolds Fenn with a meadow pertaining and all other lands which the said Robt was admitted to 18.4.1723 on the surrender of Jn Owers and Grace his wife to the use of the said Robt for life and after his death to the use of Grace Harris daughter of the said Robt now at this court it appeared that Robt and Grace are dead and that Robt Harris son of Robt and brother of the said Grace is next heir which Robt present in court is admitted etc and gave fine etc and because the said Robt is an infant aged 3yrs therefore Rose Harris his mother is guardian