Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr28)

4.10.1729 (Saturday 4 October 1729)

document 36600362

at a court held 3.6.1720 Rich Heywards first born son of Rich Heyward and Sare his wife was admitted to him and the heirs of his body legitimately procreated after the death of Rich and Sare to a parcel of land called Little Sixpence containing 4a lying in White Colne now at this court came the said Rich the son and surrendered the land to the use of Thos Sewell of Earls Colne gentleman his heirs and assigns forever who present was admitted etc but gave no fine as the surrender was to the intent that a common recovery be made etc and after came Sam Burton and complained against Thos Sewell in a plea of land viz in 5a of land in White Colne etc and Thos Sewell brought to warrant the said Rich Heyward etc and the said Rich Heyward brought to warrant Jn Payne and Sam Burton recovered against Jn Payne etc and after Isaac Potter bailiff of the court delivered seisin etc and after the said Sam Burton Rich Heyward and Jn Payne surrendered the said land to the use of Thos Sewell etc who was admitted and gave fine etc and after the said Thos surrendered the same lands to the use of his last will