Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr29)

22.4.1737 (Friday 22 April 1737)

document 36800147

whereas at a court held 16.3.1736 it was found that on 7.5.1735 Jn Percivall of London gentleman and Ann his wife did surrender by the hands of Solomon Grimston gentleman deputy steward she the said Ann first solely examined and consenting all and singular their customary lands etc to the use of the said Jn Percivall and Ann his wife and their assigns for their lives and the life of the longer liver of them and after the decease of the survivor them to the use of the heirs of the body of the said Ann by the said Jn Percivall begotten and for default of such issue to the use of such persons or estates as the said Ann with or without the consent of her husband in and by her last will shall declare etc and in default thereof to the use of the said Ann Percivall her heirs and assigns forever and because none came therefore proclamation etc now at this court came the said Jn Percivall and Ann his wife by Thos Sewell gentleman their attorney and were admitted to all that piece of meadow with the appurtenances in White Colne called Hunwicks Meadow alias Bridge Meadow containing 3a lying next to the great bridge called Colne Bridge to hold for life as aforesaid etc and gave fines etc saving the lords right to their fines on the death of the survivor of them the said Jn and Ann