Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr29)

4.5.1739 (Friday 4 May 1739)

document 36800829

thereupon came Chas Wale gentleman and complained against the said Solomon the said lands and tenements by the name of one toft and 7a of land with appurtenances in Colne etc and Solomon Grimston brought to warranty Thos Payne and Sarah his wife and they brought to warranty Hen Starr and the said Chas Wale recovered against Hen Starr and Isaac Potter bailiff delivered seised etc and after the said Solomon Thos and Sarah released all their interest to Chas Wale and after the said Chas surrendered the said lands with appurtenances so recovered to the only use of Edw Wash the younger one of the sons of Edw Wash of Chalkney Mill and his heir forever who is admitted etc and gave fine etc and because the said Edw Wash is a minor aged 12yrs therefore his said father was admitted his guardian etc