Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr30)

16.5.1743 (Monday 16 May 1743)

document 37000841

whereas at the last general court held on monday 18.4.last it was found that Wm May of Maplested died before that court seised of certain land in Great Maplested called The Harrowes held by copy and none came to be admitted etc therefore proclamation made etc and whereas the said Wm May by his will dated 2.2.1742 devised the said premises in as follows item I give and bequeath to my loving kinsman Wm Sewell of Little Maplestead all my estate lands and tenements both freehold and copyhold with appurtenances in Great Maplestead and Hedingham Sible to him and his heirs forever upon this condition etc now at this court came Wm May and was admitted etc to have The Harrowes now divided into three fields containing 10a to hold on the conditions mentioned in the will held by the ancient annual rent of 11s etc and he gave fine etc