Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr30)

20.1.1745 (Sunday 20 January 1745)

document 37100795

also at this court found that Jn Osborn on 24.12.last surrendered by the hands of Wm Bailey instead of the bailiff in the presence of Jn Newton gentleman and Thos Hales yeoman all those 5r formerly parcel of a croft containing 6a2r and also all that croft of land containing 3a2r and also all that aldercarr or marsh containing 2a formerly parcel of Oxney Fenn and also all that croft of land called The Bushett containing 2a and also all that parcel of land near Colne Park formerly parcel of a tenement called Parkers and also all that parcel of land formerly a lane leading from the highway from Colne to Coggeshall and also all those two crofts of land called Broomfields containing 11a and also a parcel of land called Oxen Fenn containing 4a and also all that close called Homefield containing 4a and also all that his capital messuage with a pond and a yard to the same belonging and also all that his orchard abutting upon a piece of land called Blakes and also two parcels of land containing 4a and also those three crofts of land containing together 12a formerly Wm Hutts and also all other the lands and tenements of him the said Jn Osborn holden of the said manor by copy of court roll to the use and behoof of Thos Bernard of Earls Colne clerk and his heirs and assigns redeemable upon payment of 189li unto the said Thos Bernard his executors etc upon 25.12.1745