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Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr20)

11.6.1555 (Tuesday 11 June 1555)

document 53701952

there is a precept to Jn Brewer to scour 2rod of a ditch between Moreland and Debnams and to Wm Wade to scour 4rod of ditch against the tenement called Senakers to Nich Parker to scour 6rod of ditch against the king's highway leading from Coksall to the widow Kettill to scour 20rod of ditch beneath her little grove leading to the said Coksall to the said Rich Sydaye to scour 6rod of ditch against Borowes Lane to Ann Orvis widow to scour 2rod of ditch against the aforesaid lane to Wm Wade junior to scour 6p of ditch against the lands of Jn Cutler called Bomesfield similarly to the said Wm to scour 10rod of ditch below Gosses and to place his hedge according to ancient custom to Jn Lumkyn to scour 40rod of ditch against Oxley Crofte to Jn Strutte to scour 12rod of ditch against the king's highway leading from Coggeshall before the next court on penalty for each of them to forfeit for each rod not scoured 2d