Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr20)

1.6.1556 (Monday 1 June 1556)

document 53800465

to this court came Agnes Game widow late wife of Jn Game deceased and Luke Game son of the said Jn and Margt his wife and Margt herself being solely and secretly examined by the steward and acknowledged surrendered into the hands of the lord one tenement with garden adjoining situated and lying in Holstreete as by the metes and bounds etc to the use and behoof of Jn Grene his heirs and assigns who present in court came and sought admittance thereof and he was admitted thereof tenant of the lord to whom by the steward the lord delivered thereof seisin to hold for himself his heirs and assigns from the lord by the rod at the will of the lord according to the custom of the manor etc and he gave to the lord his fine as is shown in the margin
2s and made fealty to the lord however this present surrender and seisin thereof was freely made upon the following condition namely that if the said Jn Grene his heirs or assigns should pay or cause to be paid to the aforesaid Agnes and Lucas Game or their rightful attorneys heirs or executors 8li of good and legal english money in the following form and manner namely on the feast of the nativity of st john baptist next following after the date of this court in the dwelling house of Barth Churche in the said Colne to the aforesaid Agnes Game 26s8d and to the aforesaid Luke Game 53s4d and at the feast of michaelmas next following after the date of this court in the said place to the aforesaid Agnes 26s8d and to the aforesaid Luke 53s4d in full payment of the said 8li that then this present surrender and free seisin thereof should stand in all its force and remain in effect and if any of the payments or payment should be against the said form that then there should be a licence to the same said Agnes and Luke Game and the heirs of Luke himself to reenter and repossess the said tenement and other premises with appurtenances and thus should hold enjoy and possess his estate in peace and the aforesaid Jn Grene his heirs and assigns should be entirely expelled therefrom and this present surrender should be null and any part thereof should not stand