Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr20)

14.6.1557 (Monday 14 June 1557)

document 53801214

to this court came Thos Rolte and in full court showed a certain writing or warrant one of our lord Jn de Veer earl of Oxford viscount Bulbeck and lord of Budlesmere and lord of this manor truly signed by the signature of his hand and directed to the steward of the court the tenor of which is in the following words to my well beloved Jn Chirche gentleman steward of my court for my manor estate called Colne Priory I will and command you upon the sight hereof to grant and surrender my copy of court roll unto Thos Rolte of Earls Colne husbandman and unto his heirs of and in a certain parcel of encroachment with a ditch made upon my waste ground there lying at the end of a croft of land of the said Thos called Stonebridge Croft towards the south and upon the highway leading from Earls Colne to Stonebridge and so to Halstead yielding therefore hereby to me my heirs and assigns 1d rent with suit and services and to answer such a fine to be charged with the profits of my last court as you shall think meet and reasonable by your discretion and in your thus doing this my warrant signed with my hand shall be for now a sufficient discharge in that behalf given at my castle at Heddingham 3PhM 1557 Oxenford and upon this at this present court the said steward admitted the aforesaid Thos Rolte to the said parcel of land now enclosed to hold for himself his heirs and assigns from the lord by the rod to whom by the steward the lord delivered thereof seisin to hold for himself his heirs and assigns from the lord etc by the rent of 1d per annum and suit at court and he gave etc
four capons and 6d for a fine