Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr20)

6.6.1558 (Monday 6 June 1558)

document 53801622

to this court came Roger Goodryche and by the lord's licence granted to Joan Farthinge late wife of Jn Farthinge deceased a quarterly payment or payments of 20s as the right of and in the two tenements and garden adjoining the same situated in Church St in Earls Colne called The George to have to hold to enjoy to levy and to take the said annual rent or rents of 20s to the aforesaid Joan and her assigns at the four annual term namely at the annunciation and st john and xmas and of michaelmas to be paid in equal portions and if default it made in any of the payment of the said sums for eight days after any of the said feasts when payment should be made that then the aforesaid Joan should be allowed entry and to make distraint of the said two tenements and garden thus Roger should remove himself and go away and pay the penalty until the said sum of 20s at the four annual terms is paid and peaceful possession thereof rightly should be to the aforesaid Joan and her heirs until full payment and satisfaction and he gave to the lord for fine etc
fine 20d