Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

17.3.1645, 18.3.1645 (Monday 17 March 1645)

document 70000690

17. 18: Rode to Dedham, bought books by the way at Colchester. god give me strength and grace to use them and all other helps to his glory and his peoples advantage, at Dedham I found much love when I (as) was ready to have gone towards Church, my notes being laid by, and some thoughts in my head of choice books and matters too high for me, in comes one and tells me another was come to preach, I willingly assented, Lord pardon my failings accept me and sanctify my spirit and teach me to keep my thoughts for thee. coming home and galloping a dog barking my horse fell. I sat him and had no hurt I thank my god, coming home I saw my brother Jeremy ; god was good to me in my journey, I was aguish and very ill at night, a violet cake through gods mercy did much to revive me, I saw at Dedham Harwich point running out into sea, and the ships rising at harbour nigh the open main sea,