Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

2.12.1646, 3.12.1646 (Friday 2 December 1646)

document 70002110

December: 2. 3: My tongue was sore, its easy with god to deprive me of any member, oh that it were my wisdom to improve it as my glory to his praise, as davids awake my glory, my dearest very ill this night, god was pleased to blow it over speedily, an exceeding wind in the night but god be praised I had no hurt done at home, but my vine blown down. Mrs Mary promised to buy me a frame for my study, if my heart were but fully set to follow god, surely I should find him very good to me, I cannot say I have kindl[ed] a fire upon his altar for naught, nor intended my service for him, but he has been seen for my comfort in the same, I called in and saw and poor sad case of Mrs. Tiffin as its nere cast of by god and man, shame being proved out upon her, tis of the Lords mercy my condition is not like hers Lord learn me thy fear that may preserve me and honour me: