Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

4.6.1648, 6.6.1648, 8.6.1648 (Sunday 4 June 1648)

document 70003410

June 4: was the lords day which we enjoyed quietly, without any disturbance to his name be the praise(.) I feared our gentlemen would have been surprised, but if they plotted and were disappointed in the same, we cannot but admire god in it. all this week full of rumours and fears, the enemies increased apace, our town went in on Tuesday: 6: day to Coggeshall, and were the first of the country that appeared(.)June.8. Mr H. came in to us, we began to send out parties of horse this way and that, brought of the magazine from Braintree, the way was stopped that we could have no intelligence, Goring and the Kentish men were come into Essex, we were all young and raw men, yet god in mercy disposed our spirits to resolvedness and a willing laying out ourselves, we had many alarms but all false, the enemy never attempted on us at Coggeshall.