Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

20.8.1648 (Sunday 20 August 1648)

document 70003480

August: 20: This week the Lord was good to me in providing for me, and mine so that we wanted nothing god made my Lady Honywoods house a harbour for me and mine and so had been longer if an illness had not taken her son which is now recovered: strong are my corruptions and vanities of mind, the lord suffer them not to have dominion over me, and in due time deliver me from them: the season continued sad, and wet. the corn in danger on the earth, war in our doors, and sinful lusts on our spirits. the lord made divers friends very kind to me when I came to town Mr R.H. Mrs H. Mrs Church and her daughter lord requite it. through mercy we have had constantly the liberty of Sabbaths, the lord give us the favour of his word to life.