Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

30.8.1648 (Wednesday 30 August 1648)

document 70003515

[P:F:] Aug: 30: a wet night, and wettish day, as if god would have called men to his worship: but there was no regard of the same, my thoughts grow strong within me to give over preaching at Colne at Michaelmas, and to declare the same beforehand, to the chief inhabitants, Lord direct me what to do, I have given out speeches of my enforcement to it, I preached once this day on Amos 8: 11: 12: concerning the famine of the word, wherein having occasion to speak of the condition of this land, I delivered my thoughts to this purpose.

People, when our armies had conquered all our enemies, my thoughts were sad concerning the displeasure of god remaining towards England, and I told you Essex must not escape, which is come to pass by the marchings of Goring and his army and plundering many places, persons, the sad ruin of Colchester by fire, the decay of trade by their losses; the charge of the County in maintaining their forces at the siege, and sending in provisions for above 11 weeks for many thousands of Horse and foot, my thoughts were and are sad concerning England still not from the risings of many Counties against the parliament the strong invasion of the Scots upon us, for my thoughts verily were god would break them: but when I consider the decay of the power of godliness among christians: their flightiness of Spirit towards gods ordinances. the woeful uncontrollable increase of all manner of wickedness among us: the awe that was on mens hearts towards god, and his ways being removed, the slighting all the warnings of god in judgements and by his ministers, makes me think god is yet angry, and he will leave our great Council to their wanted partiality in their ways, and bring more ruin one way or other on the nation: or give us up to the cursed ways of our own hearts, taking away his ministers, and saints apace from England, and few arising in their stead.