Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

23.4.1650 (Tuesday 23 April 1650)

document 70004845

23: it rained a most sweet shower, god is opening his hand to fill us, with his bounty. [Lords rent] Mr Harlakenden and I had a great discourse about our Lords rent, I find and he acknowledges by comparing the copies, and the rentals, that 10s. for the aldercar part of Oxenfen is set on my head, and Kents , and 7s. for Mills fen etc is set now on osbornes , and Tills - head, he was somewhat moved, I bless god who gave me a patient command, of myself this day Mr Harrington paid me in 7li. for keeping the school, from Jan. to March. 25. 1650. he promises to discharge all to me, and the monies I am out, when he sends for his sons things, the matter of the school in a great uncertainty, now the Dr, desires to be secured in the matter of the reparations, by bond, which for my part, I shall never condescend unto, the lords will be done, to him, I commit all my ways to bring them to pass for me, and it may be the Lord aims at good to me therein, and therefore I will quietly wait upon him therein; this night my wife fainted as if dying, but to god for ever be praise, she revived again, my heart was not saddened in order to her death, because I was fully persuaded, god would not then snatch her away,