Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

20.10.1650 (Sunday 20 October 1650)

document 70005270

Oct: 20: This week the Lord was good to us in many outward mercies, my little ones a great grief to me in their sudden cryings out in the forepart of the night, my heart out of frame because of my unquietness, when in frame it troubles me not what is amiss, Lord what a mercy it is to have a wife to cover infirmities, to remove occasions, so a man has no outward help, but what he has from thy grace, my navel was moist this past week, not dressed this week the weather variable, my head troubled with a great pose this day(,) I cannot positively imagine how taken except with cold at a night, or going abroad till I was hot, god was good to me in the Sabbath