Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

4.1.1651 (Saturday 4 January 1651)

document 70005425

4: The history of the world and the affairs thereof, from Julian. 360 or to the fall of the Roman Empire in Augustulus, is to be carefully observed by him that intends to understand the Revel.

383. A great decay of Gentilisme. Baronius.

389. Edicto Imperatoris inchohata hoc anno Templorum et confractio simulachrorum per univer sum orbem Romanum per plures annos ducavit: Baronius. Gentisme a little revives anno. 392 and afterwards. Baronius.

394. Theodosius wonderfully conquers Eugenius and gentilisme, and dies. 395. annis natus 50. no. 60 in which year Ruffinus exceedingly ruins especially the Eastern Empire in the keep of barbarous nations. Baronius.

400. Gain as acts against the Empire: a comet that even touches the earth, and a sword barbarians ever hanging over the heads of the constant citizens. Ba.

404. Gentilisme acted. Bar. - A fire out of Chrisestome seat that burnt the Senate house: Baron: that note the rise of Antichrist on the ruin of the Empire, his fall and the fall of princes from such spirits as chrisostome was. ad annum: 1664: vel 66.

R.F. Innocent was then pope, and Innocent is now pope.

406. Rhadagalssius the Goth and all his army ruined in Italy. Bar.

407. The miserable destruction of Gallia by the barbarians. Bar. thy day of ruin is at hand oh France. R.E.

409. Rome besieged by. Alaricus: the Temples of the Gods spoiled to redeem the City Bar. the City besieged again and Spain [410.] divided by the conquering barbarians

Rome taken that year. by Alaricus and spoiled. Innocent the pope absent.

411. Millenariorum heresis per hoc tempus multos habebat sectatores etc. Bar. this opinion now arose and was condemned not being rightly stated or understood, tells us the opinion in a due revolution of time shall flourish and see Rome ruined. R.J. An Innocent now sits at Rome, (the former in Alaricus time sat 16. years), to whom it was moved this present year of Jubilee to make a universal league of all his party against the English. I hope this passage being so like those passages of the ruin of Antichrist that in his days or in this century of years it will be fulfilled. Amen. [R.J.]

I conceive this was the last of the Jubilees. 25. year more shall do much

Three famous ruins are of the Roman Empire, the 1st 365: the 2nd 45 years after that: 410: the 3rd 45. years after that viz: 455: in the two last the City was taken and in part burnt. if we add Daniels 1290. years to 365: years: it is 1656: for my part from all numbers I expect before that time the darkening of the seat of the beast and his kingdom, or the Scotizing his kingdom, which is desolating it as Scotland in that part that is attempted, or else leaving them to a blind nonapprehension of gods judgements on them, as the Scots in 1650 were, so as to comply with Charles 2. to their ruin and so with these men not avoid it: add 45 years more to this period and it will complete the days of our trouble and bring in our blessedness. Heard for certain of the spoiling P. Ruperts fleet upon the Coast of Spain Nov: last, the Spanish show great affection to our Commonwealth: the French since gave the Spaniard a great overthrow at Rhetel near Mouron. Philip one of the Q. of Bohemias sons slain there.