Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

2.1.1651 (Thursday 2 January 1651)

document 70005420

2: Peleg(ius) was born anno. 1757: from the creation, abate 24 years for the odd days in our year more than the 360 in the solar year being 13 months 130 days to a month or at lunar years. 350 days. then there is abat. 73, which falls in anno Domini 1685 for Christ to finish his work - nimrod rose in pelegs time, the first beast, the original of the golden head, in such a time from the 2d Adams shall christ ruin the Nimrod of the world. - or take current years. 1757. there is a promise of shortening these days for the Elect sake, which shortening what length of years it is time will discover: the word used for half time is uphalag, closely alluding to pelegs age the ground to me of the noting Dan: 12. his 1290 days reckoned (from Julians setting up the heathenish oracles, and from the Jews endeavour to set up their temple, which god overthrowing from heaven, they were thereupon dispersed and never since by any public edict or attempt of their own returned to Canaan, being in the 3d of Julian anno christian 363. as Baronius computes, I end anno 1654. entering when we may expect a preparation to the Jews conversion, and that work before completed in the Turks ruin will require. 45 years the 1335. years ending 1699. entering.

so that the 1260 days in the Revelation and the 1290 days in Daniel did not appertain to our people, or to one day for their entrance though perhaps they may end near about one time.

[8li.10s.] This day set off to Mr Richard Harlakenden . his quarter: 3li.15s. and paid in money. 4li.15s. in all 8li.10s. towards the bond of 25li. due to him Jan: 27 or 28. next. now my roll of debts is 77li.18s.0d.