Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

30.1.1651 (Thursday 30 January 1651)

document 70005500

30. A day of public thanks for divers successes in Scotland and at sea, I apprehend a great noise of trouble over England, and a great sound of praises of the saints who shall be delivered from it, met at Mr Harlakendens , I showed them out of the scriptures what manner of persons were admitted to fellowship, upon their profession of faith, not upon any real work of true sanctifying grace on their hearts

[Tooth.] 29. at night my tooth began to ache on the left side. 30. in the morning I bled them much with a branch of rosemary, which made them sore, at night it ached very much but 31. towards morning, my face swelled and was sore, and the pain for present out of my tooth,