Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

2.2.1651 (Sunday 2 February 1651)

document 70005505

Feb. 2. This week past the lord good to us in our health. my wife breeds with difficulty(,) my face swelled and pained, I looked up to god on Saturday at night, for rest strength, and mitigation of it that I might go on in my Sabbath work and he gave it not as I expected, but abating the swelling and almost removing of prayer a sweet mercy, but sweet is his good will to me in answering my calling to him: the season was very fair and comfortable all last week, god he was good to me in the word and work of the day, went on endeavouring to up draw up to a communion wherein let thy presence oh god be with us, the lord merciful to me in letting me see the filthiness, and weakness of my heart so that if I keep not close to him, I cannot stand of myself, the lord was peace to me in my Spirit, and uprightness in some measure, blessed be his name