Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

9.3.1651 (Sunday 9 March 1651)

document 70005560

March: 9. This week the Lord was good and gracious to me and mine in our peace, plenty and health, the smallpox is in 6 families, lord still preserve mine. [Cold pose.] I got a great cold it continued two or 3 days. not so bad in my chest as formerly I bless god at the first of it my nose bled a pretty quantity. the season was very cold, and snowy. not very windy. a lions entrance and continuance until now. I heard from sister Ann I sent her 10s. and some other refreshings, blessed be god that gives me a heart, and hand to help her, the Lord was good to me in this week and in my spirit kept comfortably towards god, and my dear wife (,) my annoyance of heart not stirring, blessed be god, oh cleanse (them out thoroughly) heard of the health of divers of my friends, the lord was good to me in the Sabbath for which my soul blesses him, yet our tranquillity and peace is continued.