Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

13.3.1651 (Thursday 13 March 1651)

document 70005565

13. Met at Mrs Church's . our discourse was of the practice of love mutually one to another, we resolved to meet Ap. 2 at priory , and to continue the day of prayer there. heard of the hopeful progress of the gospel among the Indians in N. England the lord water it every moment. Rab: ben. Israel is of opinion that the Jews are scattered from the North of Asia and Europe into America.

John Eliot advances the work. Eli is my god. John gracious. the instrument does speak the graciousness of god to them, in his name is the number of 52. perhaps by that time we shall see a progress to purpose.

His opinion is to rule them in civil and church matters by the word alone, and then god reigns as king. which says he is the kingdom of christ, and then the Saints take the government.