Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

16.3.1651 (Sunday 16 March 1651)

document 70005570

March. 16. The Lord was good to me and mine in our peace, health, preservation. three married died out of one house of the smallpox, blessed be god that has kept me and mine. T. Humfry was sickish one morning, my heart looked up to my god and he was my trust but the fear was blown over presently, the weather was dry and indifferently warm, the lord in mercy stayed my heart on him, and made me to keep more close to him, for which I bless him, and I find not my heart such a thoroughfare of vanity as formerly. cleanse me lord thoroughly. god was good to me in the word and work of the Sabbath: the state seem to act towards banking means for ministers and schools which what it may prove towards me I know not, but to my god I commit myself and ways who has and will provide for me.