Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

30.3.1651 (Sunday 30 March 1651)

document 70005610

Mar. 30: Preached at Markeshall, my heart was very dull gods work comes of very heavily with me, oh my god arise and quicken me. my heart very much annoyed with lust, yet the lord made them a loathing to me, I did not yield to the thoughts of them through mercy, oh that the lord would cleanse me thoroughly, god good hitherto in the preservation of my family, for which I bless him and I trust he will still, the lord takes of the bondage of fear much from my heart.

read a paper sent from Poland, which on my grounds ends the Apocalyptic numbers in 1655. and accounts the slaughter of the witnesses to be at hand in Silesia as the last tragedy, and then Romes ruin hastens by some Evangelical potentate, that shall unexpectedly be raised up for that work

Lewis now reigning in France is 65th. king of that nation: he will lose his crown, and the next that takes it, or at least has the power but perhaps not either the title of king or formality of a crown ruins Rome,