Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

22.6.1651 (Sunday 22 June 1651)

document 70005790

June. 22. This week past the lord was good to me and mine, and his goodness was sweet in our preservation. what am I. and mine, that we are yet preserved from that hand of his that is abroad. this week my navel was moist. I had a little wheezing cold. I saw my issue and that with some soreness to me that I have not felt for a long time, but it is my gods doing, and I am in his hand, who promises all shall work for good, and so I conceive these may and do and I am quiet, a base backward heart in gods service is greater trouble to me and not without cause than these straits. the drought continued and is very sad to divers things the lord hear prayer and send rain, which I question not but he will in his appointed season, the lord was good to me in the word preached twice in Philip. 4. 13. v: