Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

9.7.1651, 10.7.1651 (Wednesday 9 July 1651)

document 70005845

9: drove my 3 wennells to Mr Littells , who is to keep them a month for me, this day we kept a day of prayer at Wm Cowells , and most of the women at Goodman Mathewes , in this day my heart was very much out of frame, carried away with foolish and vain thoughts, it was a day of heat, prayer was answered by next morning in one particular for rain, god giving us a very sweet shower, and there are continuing hopes of more which that we might admire the god of our mercy, and know he has an ear, and learn to trust him, in other straits and difficulties came accordingly. the water ran down the streets in a great shot by 12 o clock this 10th of July.