Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

13.7.1651 (Sunday 13 July 1651)

document 70005850

July. 13. The good Lord showed still his graciousness to me and mine in the lengthening out our peace and health, one or two more in former families being sick of the smallpox, the good Lord in the riches of his mercy raise them up, and be the safety of me and mine in whom alone my soul trusts, heard that Mr Love was condemned to be beheaded July. 15. he and divers petition for life, others call for impartial justice, one Joyce that commanded the guard that surprised the King at Holmeby reports that the Scots commissioners and divers English engaged to rule the King by force and to put divers factious persons of the Commons house, and in the Country to death, my thoughts within me were many times very vain and troublesome to me, oh lord my health and strength unto thee I look, to frame my heart into thy own heart, the Lord was good and gracious to me in the work of the Sabbath, the lord own and bless me in the same, and engage my heart more and more to him,