Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

30.9.1651 (Tuesday 30 September 1651)

document 70006050

[Lords rent (45li.12s.6d.)] 30. paid Mr Harlakenden all lords rent due until Michaelmas past viz. 3li.8s.8d.ob. I received also his quarter. I now owe to him still 10li. my role of debts I now esteem to be about 45li.12.6d. this day Mr John Little of Halsted received off me so much money as made up that in his hands a 100li. now he owes me a 150li. and his brother Jeffery . a 100li.

this day I heard that the smallpox was very much spread in the town in many families they named. 3 or 4. new. the lord be merciful and gracious to me and mine, and preserve us of his goodness and mercy for in him I put my trust.