Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

22.10.1651 (Wednesday 22 October 1651)

document 70006085

22. this day I received 8li.19s. off Nathan Perry , and made even with him until the last michaelmas, and now all the lords rent for that part is paid to me, and I am clear also with my uncle, and all about the same, this day I received 47li.10s. from Goodman Day , of money for my purchase of Mallories , heard also as if the prince were escaped into Holland, which if then its likely to continue our troubles and bring on foreign engagements, god will have it so, and I persuaded god will make them fall under us: its said he was in London in the habit of a footman and escaped over in that of a seaman,

it was said by many he was slain, but what is man to god, his life shall contribute to gods work more than his death could.