Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

12.12.1651 to 13.12.1651 (Sunday 12 December 1651)

document 70006205

12. 13.received the 3li. I lent Young I paid him. 17s.4d. for four bushels of wheat; I paid Nich Hurrell . 4li. I borrowed of his money from my sister I am clear with him: Caplin paid me the last of my 5li. and this day I lent Jo. Smith oatmeal man 4li. until Dec. 26: Coxal Destitute sent for me to preach proffered me 20s. but I refused: this day we heard that Ireton Deputy general of Ireland died at Limbricke in Ireland No: 26: the lord lives and reigns, and perhaps hereby will further hearten the enemies to their utter ruin: Ludlow who was L. gen: commands the forces in chief for the present.