Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

23.1.1653 (Sunday 23 January 1653)

document 70007025

Januar: 23. This week past my heavenly father very gracious to me in soul and body. the ague god took from my dear Jane . the lord blessed us all with health, divers of our near friends recovering, the lords eye is on my outward man to provide for me its he that feeds, and clothes me, and indeed the less I see of man taking care for me, the more I see continually of god. I will love thee oh my god! but for thy christ I will not be silent, oh that the wail for your name and your glory might even eat me up. the lord good to us and our nation. news as if a strange star were seen in Denmark. and a comet over the popes palace, the lord hasten his work his strange and his glorious work.