Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

24.1.1653 (Monday 24 January 1653)

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24: my Janes ague returned, lord in mercy, remember thy wonted goodness to her and me. Mr Littell begun to break up the farther Dagnal for me, the lord give a blessing to my labour there.

Mr Stebbin with me to propose a business to me, wherein he desired my help I promised it as far as I might

Mr Clopton with me about Gaines Colne, men tumble up and down in the world. I promised to propound him, Mr Meredith and Mr Harlakenden earnest for Mr Fuller of Stebbing who is a good man

This day was very cheerful and pleasant, the year rises apace, the lord raise up our hearts to watchfulness and care.

and now I am sensible this day ends my 36. year. in which the lord has been very good to me and all my family. his provision for me bountiful, though I have been unworthy, yet I desire in the uprightness of my heart to own and serve my god and follow him through any condition.

the great actions this year are the troubles of France, where the Princes rather lose than gain. Orleans fallen off from Conde , Spain has got much of France, this year(,) filled his kingdom with troubles assisting the Princes. winning Gravelin and afterwards Dunkirk. - Barcelona in Catalonia, and thereby even reducing that kingdom, - Casal in Montferrat and reducing that under Mantua to the great prejudice of the French interest.

The Germans quiet, great noise of their diet but nothing done as yet. the Turks and the Venetians calmed, and its said now treating a peace

The English quiet at home and also in all their dominions, favoured by the spaniard, courted by the Portugal with whom we have almost perfected a peace he buying it(.) the French treat us. the Swedes and we gaze but each are sending their agents(.) the Dutch fought us all along this summer at our own doors, the Dane seizes our shipping and stops us in the Sound

The Dutch and we are now making great naval preparations, and so is the Spaniard thus the world is together by the ears, overturning one another, not minding the heirs interest and that he viz Christ is not only ready to claim but to take his right in the world, arise oh Lord and judge among the nations for the right is yours, and I thy poor servant preach and pray for the lifting up of thy kingdom and wait for it, and because I believe I make not haste I know shakings, deceivers apostasies are at hand, keep me as yours, for I trust myself under the shadow of thy wings. and as when you come to take thy kingdom remember me thy servant and forget not my family I entreat thee. even so Lord Jesus come quickly.

This year great hopes of the Heathens conversion in the West at N.E. and discourse of something in the East, one says -----------------------------------------------------------------

37. year of my age. 1652. Jan.25.

Jan: 25. sensible this day entered me into my 37 year. the lord be with me therein to keep me from sin and temptation. and preserve me spotless to his own kingdom with thee I leave all my ways. I am yours I pray thee take care of me for under thy wings oh god do I put my trust.