Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

20.2.1653 (Sunday 20 February 1653)

document 70007080

Feb: 20: This week past the lord good to me in all our healths, the season very dry, and cold showers of rain, but passing away, and persons are even dead and not consider the work of the lord: the earth was not wet to the share point all this winter, my mind is taken up with expecting what god is doing, and I desire to bless him, that he hints to my spirit its my wisdom to make peace with him, and to continue therein and walk daily with him, but oh my leanness(,) oh how heavy is my heart in such ways the lord in mercy arouse me and awaken me, and let me not be secure or intent on the outward things only. I thought the year might bring in want upon the kingdom(.) I provided some bread with Joseph, the lord lay into my soul faith and patience that I may persevere with him; I am waiting for the dawnings of gods salvation in England and behold trouble, indeed the next act I expect is the witnesses slaughter, judgement in the house of god, lord fit me for what you are about to do. the lord was good to me this day in the word preached. but I find my deadness and backwardness of heart to gods worship to abide still on me, oh when will the lord arise on me with healings.

paid Nicholas Hurrel 8s. I now owe him, but, 3li. which was presently paid.