Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

28.3.1653, 29.3.1653 (Monday 28 March 1653)

document 70007180

28. sowed about 2 acres and 1/2 of barley in Dagnal , my mind much returned to our attempts against France, how unlike so ever it is, yet I believe assuredly it will come about and that will glad good men to see our power bent against Romes power, thy day oh France is coming, you are weighed and found too light, you are numbered and your time is even expired, god will avenge the blood you have shed, you must fall and rise no more, and Frances fall though it rejoices you oh Spain, yet it is but as a lightning to you before death.

this was the roll of my debts, besides divers engagements in those monies which I had appointed to another use. 29. day the god of my mercies sent us sweet warm showers, this day I made an end of sowing my barley, except a few rods that I dig