Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

27.3.1653 (Sunday 27 March 1653)

document 70007175

March: 27. This week past the lord was good to me and mine, in many outward mercies only my dear wife sick with a violent ague, which the lord in due time remove, and sanctify that hand of his to us all, the lord makes me more sensible of my sinfulness so as to endeavour nothing more than to get power in and through christ, over my unbelieving and dead and barren spirit, the season dry, and somewhat cold, but how secure, am I and the rest of the nation not minding the hand on the wall in the season, the plague not in London which is very much considering the mortality in the other places and the strange seasons we have had, heard of B. cowels sad trial, lord help him under it, and look on my posterity in mercy to sanctify their hearts,