Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

26.3.1653 (Saturday 26 March 1653)

document 70007170

March: 26. 1653. a review of that estate god has mercifully given me.

Lands as formerly

Mr J.L: as formerly. 150li.
Mr Jeff. L. paid in 100 that is Mr W.H. hands - 100
Mr P. as formerly..... 50
25. March past improvement of Mrs Maries land. 4li.5s 89. 5. - increase
now in total.............. 4li.5s.0d.
Stock as formerly about...... 32. 0.
in Young's hands 10li. paid in W.Br. 15.0. 5.0.0.
in Mr. W:H. hands 100. 0. 100. 0. 0.
in E.J: hands of W. 25. 0. 25. 0. 0.
my debts were 12li. now 32li. so that abates the 20li. out of this 134. 5. 0.
there remains this year a great addition to my estate, viz 114. 5. 0.

the lord has been also good to my family in their healths, the lord in mercy raise up my poor wife who is sick with an ague the lord good to me I trust more in my spiritual estate making me sensible of my emptiness, desirous to live wholly in himself, yet I find my heart very dead and unspiritual in my daily, particular ways, at night it rained very sweetly, as if god would satisfy the parched earth: it was a sweetening shower,